Enterprise Zone Programme Steering Group

Enterprise M3 secured "Enterprise Zone" status for three sites at Basing View in Basingstoke, Longcross near Chertsey and Louisburg Barracks at Whitehill & Bordon in November 2015. To implement, oversee and develop the Enterprise Zone, a Programme Steering Group (PSG) has been set up which brings together representatives of each relevant local authority and representative land owners.

The PSG advises on the strategic direction and implementation of the programme and facilitates collaboration between the major stakeholders in the Enterprise Zone. The group does not have decision-making powers, rather it is an advisory group to the Board, specifically on matters and funding relating to the Enterprise Zone.

Responsibilities of the PSG include: reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on the relative priority of proposals for funding; consideration of due diligence on proposals, and recommending to the Board whether proposals should proceed to contracting; overseeing the development of an appropriate pipeline of proposals to be funded in future, and making recommendations to the Board around this.

The PSG comprises the following representatives:

1 x Private Sector Enterprise M3 Board members (to chair)

3 x District/Borough Council representatives (1 for each Enterprise Zone site)

2 x Landowner representatives (as 1 Enterprise Zone site is local authority-owned)

2 x County Council representatives

1 x Cities and Local Growth Team

1 x Accountable Body (Hampshire County Council) representative

1 x LEP Director

1 x Enterprise Zone Programme Director