Global Competitiveness Through People Board

The Global Competiveness through People Board (GCP Board) is a key element of Enterprise M3’s top-level governance structure. Its general role is to lead on behalf of the Local Enterprise Partnership Board on all matters relating to skills and employment.

The action group brings together public, private and not for profit stakeholders to develop and recommend policies and action plans and to provide information into the Local Enterprise Partnership Board to support their decision making and policies. The following vision and remit is proposed: 

The GCP Board drives the implementation of the Skills and Employment Strategy ensuring a demand-led approach that supports the three strategic priorities and the commitments given in Enterprise M3’s Growth Deal with Government.

The GCP Board also has the essential wider role of formulating and championing new approaches to employers partnering both with each other and with skills providers to create new dynamic approaches to anticipating and meeting future skills needs. These approaches are characterised by capturing the innovation and collaboration needed to put us ahead of international competition. The Board is about making things happen and not simply a forum for sharing ideas.

For further information and to contact the Global Competitiveness through People Board, email Sarah Carter, Enterprise M3 Project Manager, at