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Area-wide Projects


Enterprise M3 Growth Hub

Lead Organisation: Enterprise M3
Funding: £600k capital funding, £350k revenue funding
The project: Development of the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub that will provide a focussed and co-ordinated enterprise, innovation and skills support offer enabling all businesses, especially those in our key sectors, to secure the connections they need via the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to start, grow and develop their business.

Enterprise M3 Local Sustainable Transport Package

Lead Organisation: Hampshire and Surrey County Councils
Funding: £20.7 million
The project: A package of capital transport improvements across the Enterprise M3 area with a strong focus on improving the quality of sustainable forms of transport (e.g. railway station access). This package of measures will reduce congestion, and provide access to employment, retail and services.

Woodfuel Hub Network

Lead Organisation: Forestry Commission
Funding: £2 million
The project: Delivers the creation and expansion of a network of woodfuel and timber processing hubs that will utilise timber from currently under managed woodlands and arboricultural and horticultural arisings that currently go to landfill.