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Surrey County Council LED Lighting Conversion and CMS Upgrade

Last updated 03 January 2020
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Project description

Enterprise M3 has approved a £2.6m loan to Surrey County Council to support the conversion of street lamps within the EM3 area to new LED lanterns. In addition the project will upgrade the Central Management System to ‘Smart City / Internet of Things (IoT)’ capability. The three year programme, which is due to start on site in January 2020, will see a majority of the street lights in the EM3 area converted by March 2021 with the remainder finished over the summer of 2021.

The project will integrate digital technologies, reduce energy usage and subsequently reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. It will help reduce the energy impact of providing street lighting whilst opening up opportunities for the County Council and partners to deploy innovative technologies in both network management to improve journey times and in managing and maintaining assets. As new technologies such as vehicle automation and connectivity develop the County Council will have a “ready” network to support both trials and ultimately full scale deployment once proven.

Key Outputs

Amount financed: £2.6mil

Total cost: £18.4mil

Status: In consultation

Partner: Surrey County Council

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