Land & Property Action Group

The Enterprise M3 Land and Property Group takes forward the Land and Property Actions identified in the Strategic Economic Plan. The group brings together stakeholders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to develop and recommend policies and action plans and to provide information to the Enterprise M3 Board.

To do this, the Land and Property Group:

  • Investigates and identifies land and property-related issues affecting businesses, in particular opportunities and barriers for growth
  • Oversees Enterprise M3’s responses to Local Plans and other relevant consultations
  • Makes recommendations to the Enterprise M3 Board on policies, actions and funding decisions related to land and property issues
  • Commissions studies into land and property issues across the Enterprise M3 area, including the Commercial Property Market Study (2013 plus 2016 refresh) and Housing Evidence Base (2014)

For further information about the Land & Property Group, please email Rachel Barker on