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Statutory powers would deliver more transport-led benefits for Enterprise M3 region

The transport partnership covering the Enterprise M3 region is seeking legal powers to secure the authority to deliver sustainable, transport-led benefits for the area.
Transport for the South East (TfSE) was established as a shadow sub-national transport body in June 2017. Since then, it has emerged as a powerful and effective partnership bringing together 16 local transport authorities, five local enterprise partnerships and other stakeholders to deliver a high-quality, sustainable and integrated transport system for the south-east.
TfSE is currently consulting on proposals to formalise its role as the South East’s voice for strategic transport issues by becoming a statutory body.  Statutory status will give TfSE the ability to directly influence the development of national investment programmes and become a trusted partner for government, Highways England and Network Rail.  It will give them the powers and responsibilities to deliver tangible benefits for people and businesses for areas that are best tackled at a regional scale.
From 3 May to 31 July, TfSE is consulting with stakeholders in the South East and we will be considering the proposal at the Board Meeting in July.  The final proposal will then be finalised in the autumn and then submitted to government for a decision, which would then need to be ratified by Parliament. Whether statutory status is granted or not, we will continue working with TfSE and our partners to deliver sustainable transport-led growth for people and businesses across the South East.