Nominations Committee

The Enterprise M3 Nominations Committee sets the policy for the Enterprise M3 Board on issues in relation to the membership of the Board and its associated governance structures This includes the following:

  • Setting the policy for board appointments and specifying descriptions of the role and capabilities required for board appointments in light of existing skills and experience of current board members
  • Planning for the future, including succession planning, to ensure that that the Board Membership reflects and can deliver the priorities of Enterprise M3’s Strategic Economic Plan.
  • Maintaining a balance within the Enterprise M3 Board and associated governance structures, including age, gender, ethnicity, public and private sector, sectors, geography and skills.
  • Supporting the Enterprise M3 Board and Director by assuring succession planning with an ongoing pool of Board or Action Group candidates, which offer continuity, diversity and a skill set that supports the Enterprise M3 objectives.
  • Assisting the preparedness of candidates with appropriate induction requirements, including background objectives, reports, meeting frequency and guidelines to help avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Ensuring that Enterprise M3 through the membership of its structures, remains relevant to its stakeholders
  • Developing new talent within the governance structures
  • Identify opportunities to develop the capacity and competencies of board members and members of other groups such as media and public speaking training
  • Building a reputation for progress and transparency

To achieve the above, the Nominations Committee will produce an annual work plan setting out key areas of focus for the year ahead and take forward actions identified. The Nominations Committee will provide a quarterly report to the Enterprise M3 Board.

The Nominations Committee comprises of the following members:

  • 3 x Private Sector Enterprise M3 Board Member (1 to chair)
  • 1 x Local Authority Member
  • 1 x representative from the business support organisat
  • 1 x Director of Enterprise M3 LEP

For further information on the Nominations Committee, please contact Rachel Barker on