Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator Reaches £2m Milestone

We are pleased to confirm that the Enterprise M3 funding escalator has now reached £2 million in loans drawn to businesses in the Enterprise M3 area. The funding escalator is managed by The FSE (Finance South East) Group, who have now supported 14 companies through the Expansion Loan Scheme and are eager to help more companies in the coming months.

The latest company to benefit from the funding escalator is Widgety, who secured a £200,000 Expansion Loan. The funding will primarily be used to help fund the expansion in staff numbers, focusing on the sales, administration and IT departments.Other companies supported recently by the Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator include:

  • Communico (£200,000 expansion loan)
  • On the Menu (£50,000 expansion loan)
  • Conversor (£125,000 expansion loan)

For more information about the Enterprise M3 funding escalator please contact Derek Ellis, Fund Manager, at derek.ellis@thefsegroup.com or on 01276 607302.

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