Transport Action Group

The purpose of the Transport Action Group is to bring together public and private stakeholders to coordinate all transport related activities for the LEP, develop and recommend policies and action plans and oversee the development and delivery of transport projects that support economic growth throughout the LEP area.

To achieve this, the action group has five primary objectives:

  • Facilitate a forum for business to influence and steer strategic issues on transport and have a voice for more local considerations.
  • Be the technical and professional advisory body that provides definitive transport advice to the Enterprise M3 LEP Board on strategic and local transport issues.
  • Oversee the delivery of projects by local authorities, consultants and other partners as well as monitoring outcomes and outputs as requested by the Enterprise M3 LEP Board.
  • Develop close working links with businesses, stakeholders, transport operators and neighbouring LEPs.
  • Develop an Action Plan including outcomes, timescales and costs.

For more information or to contact the Transport Action Group, email Kevin Travers, Enterprise M3 Project Manager, at