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Skills for Businesses

Last updated 20 April 2021
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Skills for Businesses

The Enterprise M3 area already has a highly skilled population. EM3 is working to sustain this strength and ensure the supply of skills adapts to the changing needs of employers.

It is a major theme of our emerging Local Industrial Strategy and you can find some of our latest research here or download the report from the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Technology is changing the nature of jobs, and the impact of automation, AI and other enabling technologies mean we want to support strategies to inspire young people, value older workers and to upskill staff in innovative ways.

To date we have had significant impact on the supply of skills and cultivation of talent in our area by supporting growth in apprenticeships. EM3 is also a joint investor in the Careers and Enterprise Company, and we have built the largest network of Enterprise Advisers in the central south region. Drawn from public and private sectors, these senior business people work with secondary schools and colleges to inspire students about work.

The Enterprise M3 area already has a highly skilled population: more than two out of five working age residents have a degree or equivalent level qualification. Our aim is to create an even more highly skilled and prosperous region.

Building on the work of our Strategic Economic Plan (2018) and a Skills and Employment Strategy (2014), Enterprise M3's Skills Advisory Panel (SAP) is now leading new ways of responding to the future skills challenges our businesses face. 

The SAP provides direction and strategic support as we work to boost the productivity of our economy. Senior representatives from businesses, training providers, local authorities, universities and colleges are leading the development of a new skills plan for the area. 

It will develop and maintain a robust evidence base about future labour market requirements and work to address skills development in identified key sectors that are critical to the growth of the Enterprise M3 economy.

The group will lead in the creation of innovative models of delivery; it will seek to influence provision of the technical, higher level skills required by our businesses including leadership and management, higher level apprenticeships and the new T Level provision. It will also provide effective and strategic communications between our businesses and the many partners who offer skills provision. 

Creating stronger relationships between education providers and our business community, and inspiring young people, is central to our skills plan. We have a specialist Careers and Enterprise Company team working to connect young people in schools and colleges with a huge range of local businesses.

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